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Photo: K. Mita

Photo: K. Mita

Russ Olsen


Russ loves to sing the old songs that encapsulate the four pillars of country music: Cheatin’ heartache/Cryin’ in your beer; Prison blues; Truck drivin’, and Mama. Fortunately for Russ, that’s what www.Twang is all about.
Inspired by Haggard, Jones, Hank and Lefty, Russ learned to play bass
guitar in the back room of Pete’s Music in downtown Bozeman. Pete tossed Russ into the house band in Stacey’s in the early 80’s and played rhythm alongside him for several years.

Russ played in bands performing country rock and popular covers in the 80’s and 90’s. He landed in www.Twang as a founding member in 1998, establishing the band as the first Y2K compliant group.

Russ and his bandmates play the old country they grew up listening to:
honky-tonk at its finest, the kind that wears a groove in the dance floor. Twang drummer Mike Gillan says, "I can always count on Russ to provide a solid foundation to play with. Rock of Gibraltar!" 

Over the course of his musical career, Russ has played with songwriters
and musicians and performed in venues across Montana. Notables include Patsy Montana, Kostas, Wayne Carson and Ronnie Reno (songwriters).

With Twang, Russ has particularly enjoyed serving as the house band for the Always Patsy Cline Show at the Ellen Theater in Bozeman and being featured on the 11th & Grant show on Montana PBS.

Russ is also an owner and project manager at R&R Taylor Construction,
a commercial general contracting company. He is still hanging out in the Gallatin Gateway area with his wife, Lauri, and their two dogs Frank & Ivan. They have three grown daughters, but enjoy grandparenting the most.

Bass, Vocals

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