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​​Twanged If You Do - Reviews

"Dang! This is some twang."


"From the first galloping Telecaster notes, these five Bozeman fellows prove they're the real thing. Their web­site promises we'll get none of that "smarmy whiny country that comes out of Nashville these days." They're right. What we get is some good old honky-tonk, true to country's roots. 

The band, formed in 1998, is Sandy Dodge, steel guitar; Jim Lewis, electric and acoustic guitars; Buck Buchanan, gui­tar (and song­writer); Russ Olsen, bass; and Johnny Regan, drums. Friends Duke Sharp, Mike Parsons, and Mike Gillan on guitars, fiddle, and percussion, respectively, contribute as well. 

In between numbers penned by Buchanan are tunes good country bands aren't afraid to cover, sung originally by country legends: "Glad to Let Her Go" and "The Race Is On" (George Jones), "Lonesome Fugitive" (Merle Haggard), and "Wine Me Up" (the late, great Faron Young). And don't forget Ned Miller's "From a Jack to a King." 
Shuffles, jitterbuggers and beltbuckle-shiners abound. There's Buchanan's "Live in Town" ("If you really love the country, live in town"), "Clayne and Virgil," about a Mexican fishing trip, and the kick-it dance number "Morina."· 
Trucks, broken hearts, runnin' from the law, booze. It's all here, wrapped up in searing guitar licks and cookin' bass and drums. Throw in excellent lead singing by at least three voices and you've got twang in a big way. Besides, any band featuring killer pedal steel is worth listening to in my book."   
-Mariss McTucker, State of the Arts



"The most “country” country western band in Montana"

 "www.Twang mix up classic country covers with equally classic originals and the chops to carry it off. The solo work by steel guitarist Sandy Dodge and new lead guitarist Jim Lewis shine throughout, but with five singers in the band, the vocal harmonies are the frosting on the cake. With their second release, this Bozeman-based band leans more on originals by member Buck Buchanan. And that’s a good thing." -Scott Prinzing, Billings Outpost

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