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Last of the White Hot Red Necks

Walk Walk Walk Walk

Buck Buchanan, Buck Buchanan vocals, Mike Beck electric guitar solo



Walk walk walk walk I wore out my floor
Talk talk talk talk Tell me some more
I'll keep on livin even though my heart is gone
Someday my cryin will be done


I know the reason you said goodbye
Now I know the places where the broken-hearted cry
My tears fall with theirs I've caused my share of pain
It's over and I'm the one to blame


Too late to turn around this time I tried
It's plain I let you down I caused the tears you cried
So sad to watch you go so sad to know you're gone
It's over and I'm the guilty one


Jaded Lover

Chuck Pyle, Russ Olsen vocals


Hey well it won't be but a week or two
You'll be out lovin' someone new
Must of happened a hundred times before.
Well I can see you been spreadin' yourself thin too
It's a lonely stage you've been goin' through
Don't get up I can find my own way to the door

I can see you are a angel            
Whose wings just won't unfold           
Tune up your harp polish your ol' halo           
Well the only kind of man that you ever wanted was one that you knew you couldn't hold very long           
You're Sittin and a cryin like I'm the first one to go           


Well You may have thirty lovers behind you
Well I can see you but I sure can't find you
It seems like you should have found your ownself by now
But late at night your old lovers tears they roll back
Faces in their drinks fingers in their back
Voices of a memory cryin out loud


Oh what a joyous sight to see you in your sleep
Hey I believe I'm leavin I'm in too deep
But that seems easy enough for a man to say
But we could never agree if we talked all night
Things are getting kind of heavy I'm travelin light
Good-bye you jaded you undercover queen for a day

... Think about it darlin…


Belly up to the Bar

Eddie Garr, Johnny Regan vocals


I think I'll belly up to the bar and pour myself a drink
I think I'll get so goddamned drunk that I can't hardly think
Probably end up the night my face turned to the floor
Pick myself up to my knees and crawl right out the door


Some people live for God I think I'll live for gin
Sunday when I go to church they won't let me in
I think that my religion 
is cultured in a bar

Monday morning rolls around 
and I'm a seein stars

Monday the collectors are busy on the phone
Tryin to find out a way to take everything I own
My mother-in-law and my father-in-law 
want to reposes my wife
I've got seven hundred assholes 
who just want to wreck my life


Delores (Drives for Daddy)

Buck, Carol, & Garret Buchanan - Buck Buchanan vocals


Delores was daddy's little angel
She was raised in a cab-over White
If daddy hadn't backed over mommy
Everything might have been alright
They just rolled down the highway together
She learned to read from the interstate signs
He did all he could yeah he taught her good
How to keep the rig between them line

Delores dirves for daddy            
its been that way for years           
Eighteen wheels truckstop meals            
double clutchin all them gears           
Delores dirves for daddy           
From the rockies to the rio grande           
She's haulin freight she's never late           
She's twice as good as any man           


Delores wore a frosted beehive
Since nineteen seventy two
She's got a little red heart on her shoulder
That says "daddy I love you"
there's a gold ring on her finger
But it ain't no wedding band
Ah Delores drives for daddy
There's never been another man

When I first saw delores 
I was windin up the lost trail grade
I hadn't shifted down into granny
I thought I had it made
I saw a pink jimmy in my rearview
Her chrome stacks were on fire
She passed me son like she was shot from a gun
And there's a rock underneath my tires


Honky Tonk Music

George Hawke, Russ Olsen vocals


Every night I play the places,
Neon lights and smilin faces.
People laugh and talk away the evenin while I play.
Ask myself why do I do it
Guess there must be somethin to it
Getting paid for doin somethin I'd be doin anyway.


I just play that honky tonk music
That's the kind I like to play
Just play that honky tonk music
That's the kind I like to play
And honky tonk music is what I play


Wish that I could have a dollar 
For every drunk that I heard holler
Every barroom brawler I seen just sleepin off his fight
All the stories I've been told
Guess I'd have me a pot of gold
Even if half the stories told had turned out to be right


Seen a lot of women get lied to
And sometimes I've even tried to
When the night was getting late
and those ladies they looked so good
I been in bars I didn't care for 
asked myself what I was there for
All in all I wouldn't change things even if I could


Hey Good Lookin'

Hank Williams, additional lyrics by Johnny Regan, Johnny Regan vocals



Hey hey good lookin what ya got cookin?           
I said how's about cookin somethin up with me?           
Hey hey sweet baby,           
Don'tcha think maybe           
We could cook us up a brand new recipe           


I got a hotrod chevy that can't be beat
I got a little bit of weed hid under the seat
Pocket full of money burnin hole in my jeans
If you wanna have fun come and go with meHey hey good lookin whatch ya got cookin?
We could find ourselves some brand new company


I gotta place in the country thatcha gotta see
I got Indoor plumbin and a color TV
Nobody there but the ewe and me
the chickens and the pigs and the birds and the bees

Hey hey good lookin whatch ya got cookin?
I said How's about cookin somethin up with me
How's about cookin somethin up with me


Hiccup Rag  
Written by Duke Sharp


Your Cheatin' Heart (Stays on the Jukebox) 

Buck Buchanan & Kenny Williams, Buck Buchanan vocals



"Your cheatin heart" stays on the jukebox
In all them dim lit honky tonks and bars
Tears come down like fallin rain 
Everybody knows the pain
That's why "Your cheatin heart" stays on the jukebox


Heartache songs will linger on where lonley people go
Misery loves company ah lord I should know
I always find such peace of mind 
in a sad sad songs refrain
That's why Your cheatin heart stays on the jukebox


Let's raise a toast to all us folks who just can't say goodbye
And all the years and all those tears we watched other cry
our love can die forever 
in that simple country song
That's why Your cheatin heart stays on the jukebox


Singin' the Blues

Gene L. Graham, Johnny Regan vocals



Well I never felt more like singin the blues           
but I never thought I'd ever lose your love dear           
Why'd you do me this way           

Well I never felt more like cryin all night
But everything's wrong, nothin ain't right without you
You got me singin the blues

Moon and stars no longer shine
The dream is gone I thought was mine
Nothin left for me to do
But cry cry cry cry over you


Well I never felt more like runnin away
Why should I go well I couldn't stay without you
You got me singin the blues


The Best Place Won't Last

Buck Buchanan, Buck Buchanan vocals


Everybody's got a four wheel drive
a satellite dish outside
They"re eatin supper with a silver spoon
They take off in November show back up in June
Well it ain't the common man 
who tried to make a livin from this land
He sold his grandma's farm
I'm sure he never thought it would do any harm


Now that they've got a piece of the pie 
Their money's carvin up old Big Sky
There ain't no place for the buffalo
To thunder o're the prairie
Like they did long ago


What we need is wide open space 
that never sees a land developers face
The earth can heal her wounds
Listen to a wolf a howlin at the moon


I've heard 'em stand up and say
"You can't go back to yesterday"
You should keep this in mind
Here is the only home you'll ever find


Big Hat

Buck Buchanan, Buck Buchanan vocals, Mike Parsons fiddle


Big hat no cattle nice truck no horse           
Clean boots no cowboy It's true of course           
Big hat no cattle soft hands no ranch           
You two-step well but that don't mean you have a chance           


I was dancin with a cowgirl in a Dillon honky-tonk
Merle Haggard on the jukebox playin loud and soundin hot
My arm around her waist so I could hold her near
Her head on my shoulder she whispered in my ear


I sat down at her table I hoped to stay a while
Complimented her wardrobe said she had a lovely smile
She slid a little closer stared into my eyes
Then she told me what she'd learned by hangin 'round the guys


I knew that it was over before it had begun
Ah she was the gal for me but I was not the one
Some local in a gimme cap took her out the door
And she turned and smiled and said these words once more


A Suitcase and a Song (for Donna Jean)

Buck Buchanan, Buck Buchanan vocals



Her boy plays the guitar in a hillbilly band
She wanted some college for her fine young man
He's out on the highway a suitcase and song
And God knows a mother wonders where she went wrong


Just yesterday he was out in the yard
Sixguns and cowboy hat playin so hard
The afternoons just up and turned into years
Full of milestones and "welcome homes" and motherly tears


He still sees her face in the neon at night
And still hears her tell him son you know wrong from right
But miles on the bus and the smiles on the crowd
Has him searchin for somethin he ain't found 'til now


On the way to the next town a voice on the phone
Said "boy your mama's not well she needs you at home"
With a ticket and some money from the boys in the band
He went to see her to be there and do what he can


When he arrived at the room where she lay
He saw her at the back door like yesterday
Gone were the time lines and the gray from her hair 
Just for an instant then realities there


She reached out she touched him she said "I love you" once more
I'm more proud of you now son than ever before
We've had our differences we've done things not fair
But when I really needed you I found you here
And God knows his mother and she's never done wrong


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